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Hands-free faucet adapter

Another marvel of modern public restroom convenience makes it way into the home. Save water and stop the spread of germs with this hands-free, infrared-sensor faucet adapter.

With a family of six, I cook every night of the week. This means I get plenty of practice, but it doesn't necessarily mean I learn from my mistakes. In particular, I frequently find myself with my hands full of raw meat exactly when I suddenly need something from the pantry. So, I put the meat down, head to the sink, and with my contaminated fingers, turn the knob to wash my hands. Now my whole faucet is covered in raw meat germs--just one more thing to worry about and to decontaminate when I clean up.

Look, Ma, no hands! EZ Faucet via Amazon

The EZ Faucet Pro is an infrared sensor faucet adapter that quickly and easily converts any existing faucet into a hands-free, automatic model. You won't need to hire a plumber or a contractor to redesign your kitchen, run new pipes or electric, or lose the use of your sink during a time-consuming installation process. Just attach the adapter, and you've instantly got a sensor-activated faucet with adjustable temperature and pressure.

Once the adapter is installed, hold your hands (or a dish, or whatever you need to fill or wash) under the faucet to activate the water flow. The water stays on until you move from under the sensor. Or, override the automatic feature by pressing the manual override button if you need to.

Set the temperature and pressure with the faucet as normal; whenever the sensor is activated it will come on as you set it. The unit runs on 4 AAA batteries that can last over a year with normal use. Most people, particularly those with kids, will find the unit provides significant water savings. So, wash up!