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Hand mixer takes it to the next level

The KitchenAid 9-Speed Architect Series KHM920 Hand Mixer offers an assortment of attachments. The nine-speed hand mixer features an LED screen that makes it easy to determine settings.

Use often.
Use often. Chef's Catalog

Some kitchen appliances come with a host of features that never get used. The allure of versatility in the kitchen being what it is, the inclusion of suspect features will never go out of style. But when that added versatility does shine, so often it is when attachments are involved. Even those that store away in a plain canvas bag.

The KitchenAid 9-Speed Architect Series KHM920 Hand Mixer features the usability that has long made hand mixers staples of the kitchen. Turning up the versatility, this model provides attachments that extend the usefulness of the one gadget. Along with two standard beaters that anyone would recognize, the unit also ships with a dough hook, a whisk and an immersion attachment for use in liquids. The accessories all store away conveniently in an included canvas bag.

In use, the hand mixer provides advanced operation. In addition to the nine power levels, a soft start feature reduces splatter, while an integrated sensor automatically adjusts for batter thickness, providing smooth operation with no bogging down. Rounding out the features that take this common kitchen tool to the next level, the hand mixer features a lockable swiveling power cord as well as an LED screen to easily determine settings. The attachments may all store away in a bag, but with an accessible design for a classic kitchen companion, the hand mixer is sure to often see the light of day.