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Han Solo mini-fridge lets you store your drinks in carbonite

This fridge is alive and in perfect hibernation. ThinkGeek is out with a Han Solo mini-fridge that lets you encase your very own nerf herder in carbonite.

This Han Solo mini-fridge would make a cool addition to a "Star Wars" geek's home. ThinkGeek

"I love you," you say. "I know," says your fridge.

ThinkGeek has released an amazing mini-fridge that's sure to please "Star Wars" geeks, as it looks just like Han Solo frozen in carbonite. What better way to keep your beverages cool than by putting them inside a block of carbonite like the one Han was frozen in before the scruffy-looking nerf herder was handed over to Jabba the Hutt?

The fridge is large enough to hold up to 18 cans of soda, and it has built-in LEDs so it can light up at night if you want. But like Han Solo himself, the fridge has a few extra tricks up its sleeve. In addition to cooling whatever you have stored inside, it can also keep things warm should you have guests over and want to keep your Wookiee Cookies and other hot "Star Wars"-inspired foods heated.

The Han Solo Fridge is available now on ThinkGeek for $150, and ships anywhere within the US and Canada. It'd look pretty good next to your Han stuck in carbonite coffin coffee table.

(Via Toyland)