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Grill it your way

The Cuisinart Griddler offers up a variety of cooking options with just a change of the cooking plates.

The Griddler Cuisinart

In some kitchens, the electric griddle sits next to the panini press, which sits next to the electric grill. Getting all of those small appliances in one unit would not only save counter space, but might keep a couple of us from going crazy when trying to remember which unit we're supposed to be using for a given meal. The Cuisinart Griddler offers a variety of cooking options for your countertop, letting you get rid of all those other types of electric grills. It performs all the same tasks without requiring any separate units.

The Cuisinart Griddler comes with multiple cooking plates, letting you switch between a griddle surface and a grill quickly and easily. The hinge is also adjustable, so that you can grill burgers on the same unit that you press panini sandwiches. You even get the benefits that go along with other units: the Cuisinart Griddler's plates are nonstick and designed to drain grease away from your meals. There are even adjustable temperature controls to ensure that each meal is made just as you want it. The Griddler has a brushed stainless steel cover and is priced at $129. It comes with a recipe book, a cleaning tool, and two drip cups.