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Grill, griddle, and wok

The Weber Original Gourmet BBQ System transforms the grill into a combination cooker. Through the use of removable inserts, the system allows for easy griddling or wok cooking.

Insert insert here.
Insert insert here.

Grill enthusiasts find a way to get the job done. But that doesn't necessarily mean a grill hack is necessary to achieve wanted results. After all, grilling is about relaxing; fighting through some shaky contraption just isn't for anybody. (Although, with the weather outside being so frightful, one does have plenty of time to ponder possibilities.) For an elegant solution to stir-fry or griddling on the grill, there is an easier way.

The Weber Original Gourmet BBQ System is like a DYI griller's dream (or nightmare, as the case may be since all the DIY-ness is removed). Consisting of a traditional grill grate with a cutout in the center, the grill system expands cooking possibilities with additional inserts. Users choose from a wok, a sear grate, and a griddle, and transform the grill to their liking by simply dropping it into place--no tools or specialized equipment needed.

The concept as a whole seems to make sense, especially in the case of the wok insert. The high heat needed for traditional wok cooking can be coaxed out of a roaring fire. Versatility is the key here. Burgers and franks may still be the top dogs when it comes to the grill, but with these removable inserts everything from stir-fry to pancakes is within reach for all.