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Grill Dome adds some headroom

Ceramic outdoor cookers offer fast cooking times at high temperatures.

It's grillin' time! Grill Dome

Spring has almost sprung, and soon we will all be spending a great deal more time outside. If it's finally time to replace your aged and rusted grill, maybe you should try something new this grilling season. The Grill Dome is a ceramic grill based on an Indian tandoor clay oven. It is available in three sizes, with the largest and newest Infinity Seriescoming out this month.

The new Infinity Grill Dome comes in a variety of colors including green, red, copper, and blue. While the option to match to any backyard decor is nice, the real allure of the Infinity line is large the size and third-generation ceramic technology. The Infinity Grill Domes measure 34 inches tall about 22 inches wide. The large grill size is 18 inches, and the medium model is 15 inches. The Infinity series is made with Terapex Ceramics, which is able to withstand higher temperatures.

The Grill Domes boast faster cooking times at high temperatures than normal cooking grilles can handle. At the same time, they use less charcoal than conventional grills and start in about five minutes. A variety of accessories are available, including the Double Decker Rack, which would be used for indirect cooking. Tables and a variety of stands are also available. Considering how much time you will be spending around grills in the coming weeks, the Grill Dome is certainly worth checking out.