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Green washing machine saves some green

Zanussi washing machine saves water and energy by adjusting for load size

Jennifer Lowell
Jenn Lowell spent her time at the University of Colorado building robots and other toys before earning her graduate degree in mechatronics and mechanical engineering. She is a self-proclaimed lover of anything that runs off of electricity and has moving parts or motors. Currently pulling double-duty as a high school science teacher and freelance blogger, she has free time seldom enough to deeply appreciate the modern technological conveniences that give her more of it. She is a long-time recreational blogger currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY.
Jennifer Lowell


For those of us who pay per load to do the laundry, the simplest way to save money is to scour the neighborhood for the cheapest machines. But those who have washers and dryers in their homes have to find creative ways to save on spending, whether it means stretching a pair of jeans for an extra day or two, air drying towels and sheets, or investing in a green washing machine. The Zanussi washing machine will not only wash your clothes and look stylish, but it will also save you money.

If you're wondering how it saves money, its secret is in the water, which it adjusts depending on the amount of clothing being washed. In Which? magazine, the washer was awarded the "Greener Best Buy" status because of its unique Jetsystem technology that saves money by adjusting the amount of water and energy used per load.

The Zanussi also has a Night Wash program that runs the machine at a noise level that's appropriate for midnight washing, when energy costs are lower than during the day.

The Zanussi holds a comfortable 15 pound load, has an inverter motor that runs at 1,600rpm, and an LED display. It's also available in graphite finish. You can learn more about it on Zanussi's Web site.