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Green begets green

Miele's Independence Series refrigerators have some impressive energy efficiency features, guaranteed to save you green.

The KF 1801

Slapping a green label on an appliance used to be something of a marketing tactic. But as we watch our energy bills grow, green has become a requirement for new appliances. Miele's Independence Series refrigerators have a few new green features that older Miele models didn't. The KF 1801 and 1811, in particular, are 33 percent more energy efficient than the standards set by the Department of Energy. The KF 1801 and 1811 are essentially the same, by the way: the KF 1801 has a right-swinging door while the KF 1811's door swings left. They're both 30-inch models.

A couple of new features can actually help you keep your energy bill low. Miele's SuperCool technology, for instance, is designed to return your refrigerator to the ideal cooling temperature after your door has been open for a long time--like when you put away groceries, or stand absent-mindedly in front of the fridge, trying to decide between salad or salami slices.

The RemoteVision technology is especially cool: if your fridge's temperature rises about a certain limit, your fridge will sound an alarm. If you aren't home, the fridge will send out an alert through wireless internet access. A service representative will then call you. Miele service team can get your permission to enter your home and fix the problem if you can't get home yourself.

All these green extras add to up to crisper food in the fridge, and more money in your pocket.