Grab an iPod Shuffle for $29 shipped

Normally $39, refurbished Shuffles from Apple carry the same one-year warranty as new models. The lightweight, runner-friendly iPod also comes with earphones and a dock.

As an semiregular jogger, I'm gonna make a bold statement: The iPod Shuffle is the single best MP3 player for runners. I'll explain why in a minute, but for now, here's the deal: Apple has refurbished iPod Shuffles for $29 shipped.

That's for the 1GB silver model only. A blue one will run you $39, which has been the price on these refurbs for as long as I can remember.

The Shuffle comes with earphones, a dock, and everything else you'd find in a brand-new model--including Apple's one-year warranty. (The only thing you don't get is the cute little Shuffle box, but so what?)

So, why do I consider this the number one MP3 player for runners? Simple: it weighs nothing (OK, half an ounce), and it clips to anything.

Some will argue that the Shuffle's lack of screen, which makes song selection virtually impossible, qualifies it as the worst MP3 player for runners, but I always put my player on shuffle anyway. Plus, who wants to look at a screen, mess with controls, etc., when they're running? The Shuffle is plug, play, and go.

I can't imagine that these will last long, at this price, so grab yours now if you want to save 10 bucks. Seriously, a Shuffle for $29 out the door is too good to pass up.