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Grab a hold of this grinder

The Bodum Square Automatic Gravity Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder features intuitive operation and is available in eight different colors.

Good to grind on the go.

It's no secret that things can get hectic in the kitchen. The behind-the-scenes action, whether it be in a restaurant or in your very own home, can get downright frenetic. Rushing from item to item during the flurry of meal creation is not necessarily the tidiest of endeavors. During the finishing touches, the whirlwind that surrounds the activity can make the kitchen look like a storm rolled through.

Whether tableside or in the kitchen, the Bodum Square Automatic Gravity Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder makes it easy to season your food. Especially useful for one-handed operation in the kitchen, the rubberized nonslip grip common to Bodum appliances makes grabbing it an ease when in the moment. Simple to operate, the ceramic gear activates when the gadget is tilted toward the plate or the food.

Powered by six AAA batteries, the adjustable grinder can be used not only for pepper, but for salt or other spices. A clear top allows for easy loading as well as giving a view to what it is stocked with. Available in eight different dramatic colors, the convenient device is perfect for any kitchen decor. Requiring nothing more than intuition to turn it on or off, the gravity grinder is the type of no-hassle tool that can be so appreciated in the kitchen.