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Google's Wing drones are now delivering gelato in Australia

Fresh food, hot coffee and grocery items can all be delivered by drone.

Wing will deliver fresh food to your door in Australia. 

Wing drones are ready to deliver fresh food to customers' doors in Australia.

Wing, a startup under Google parent company Alphabet, on Tuesday launched its commercial drone delivery service in North Canberra, Australia. The drones will deliver fresh food, hot coffee and over-the-counter health products to customers' homes within minutes, the company said. Customers order items using Wing's mobile app.

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"Wing has teamed up with local Canberra businesses to give customers the opportunity to have a range of goods delivered in a handful of minutes," the company wrote in a blog post. 

Wing graduated from X, Alphabet's moonshot factory for future-tech projects, last year. It's now an independent company owned by Alphabet, headed by James Burgess. The startup aims to build a drone delivery system and management platform to improve the transportation of goods.

Wing spent 18 months testing its drone deliveries in Australia. It's also preparing to launch in Europe, with the introduction of service in the Helsinki area of Finland.

Wing's delivery service will initially be offered to a limited set of eligible homes in the suburbs of Grace, Palmerston and Franklin. The company plans to expand over the upcoming weeks and months. Its launch partners include Kickstart Expresso, Capital Chemist, Pure Gelato, Jasper + Myrtle, Bakers Delight, Guzman Y Gomez and Drummond Golf.