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​Slideshow feature joins a slew of new Google Photos abilities

Google's photo storage and sharing service gets new features every few weeks.

Google Photos slideshows automatically advance through an album of pictures.

Google Photos slideshows automatically advance through an album of pictures.


The Google Photos team, steadily improving its service for saving and sharing pictures and videos, has added a new ability to show slideshows.

"It's now possible to play a slideshow from any album. Just open the album, click on a photo and select Slideshow from the dropdown menu," the Google Photos team said on Google+ Thursday. It'll automatically advance through the photos, though tapping the photo stops the show. The service is available on the Android app and the website, but not the iOS app for Google Photos.

Google Photos has 200 million users. In an effort to compete better with services such as Flickr and Apple's Photos app, Google has been cramming new features into Photos. New ones include the ability to change the date on multiple photos at once, keyboard shortcuts, support for Apple Live Photos and nondestructive editing on Android .

Google Photos can store an unlimited number of photos and videos -- as long as you're willing to put up with resolution limits of 16 megapixels for photos and 1080p for video. It also identifies faces and other subjects in photos so you can find them even if you haven't carefully labeled your shots. And it can move photos from your phone to Google's storage so you can free up space without losing your shots.