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Google Clips uses AI to capture life's spontaneous moments

The $249 smart camera brings together the best of AI, software and hardware, says Google.

Alexandra Able/CNET

Google introduced a small, lightweight smart camera called Clips during its Pixel 2 event Wednesday in San Francisco.

The camera, which will be priced at $249, use artificial intelligence to take pictures all on its own. It was designed with parents and pet owners in mind, said Google product manager Juston Payne, and will capture spontaneous moments like smiles and an infant's first steps.

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"How do you let yourself capture those fleeting moments, while being part of the moment?" he said. "We imagined this camera from the inside out and allows it to take photos for you."

Payne said Google Clips has three hours of battery life and has a feature called Moment IQ, a machine learning algorithm that automatically chooses which moments to capture and keep, so users don't have to be behind the camera.

He added that users won't need an internet connection to take pictures as Clips can be connected to a phone to view photos. 

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