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Google Glass could cost as little as £200, says expert

Google Glass, the £1,000 high-tech specs, could hit shops for as little as £200 when they're finally launched to the public.

Fancy feasting your eyes on Google Glass but not prepared to fork out £1,000? Worry not, because the high-tech specs could hit shops for as little as £200 when they go on sale to the rest of us.

Based on the cost of components in the augmented reality glasses, the price could be as little as a fifth of the current model, which is so far available only to selected early adopters.

Some 8,000 trailblazers were hand-picked by the Big G to try out the Google Glass Explorer Edition, for a mere $1,500 (£965). But when it reaches a mass market, experts reckon you won't be stung with such an outrageous price tag.

The anticipated lower price comes from industry analyst Jason Tsai, not from Google itself, so it's far from official. But it seems to me the price will be a fraction of the original cost, once we're not paying for the exclusive bragging rights of being first to try the much-talked-about gizmo.

The most expensive component in Google Glass is the tiny screen that sits in front of your eye and shows you information hovering over the world around you, without having to look at your phone or a computer. The display costs around $35, and is made by Himax, a company Google has recently invested in.

Topology researcher Jason Tsai also suggested that wearable gadgets will be the next big thing in tech, exploding to a market worth $18bn in the coming five years.

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