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Good things come in threes

Triple-Channel Lasagna Pan makes it easy to satisfy a crowd.

Something for everyone. Sur La Table

Sometimes one meal at a time isn't enough. I don't necessarily mean overeating; rather, I speak here of flavor. The Spanish concept of tapas or small plates is appealing to me: lots of different flavors and foods during one meal. In a single setting you can have fish, fowl, beast, and everything in-between. It's a great idea for those among us who enjoy sampling different bites during a meal. Sometimes however, we know what we want in general, but perhaps not in the specific.

Like Neapolitan ice cream, this Triple-Channel Lasagna Pan covers all bases. It's not a new concept to have multiple flavors going on at the same time, but I've never seen it applied to a lasagna pan. Needless to say, I love the idea. The nonstick aluminized-steel pan makes it easy to satisfy all the eaters in your household with one simple dish. Measuring 12 inches by 15 inches with a height of 3 inches, the pan supplies enough real estate to create enough food for everyone.

Curious eaters (or picky eaters) will appreciate the variety that is inherent in this pan. Sure, it's designed for lasagna, but don't let that stop you from trying three of everything you bake. With a pan as original as this one is, you will find it easy to be encouraged to try new things. Even if one experiment doesn't turn out so well, you got two others to choose from.