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Goal-line technology hits Premier League for first time

Referees will be left in no doubt when a goal has been scored as Hawk-Eye goal-line technology comes to British football.

"Goal goal goal!" With that message, referees will be left in no doubt when a goal has been scored as Hawk-Eye goal-line technology is used in British football for the first time. Back of the net!

14 cameras monitor the goal, and referees are informed if the whole of the ball has crossed the whole of the line by a beeping and vibrating watch as well as an audio message to all match officials' headsets announcing "Goal, goal, goal."

Hawk-Eye has been used for years to aid line decisions and LBW calls in tennis and cricket.

But unlike cricket's controversial Decision Review System, Hawk-Eye's goal-line technology does not require human involvement, because it doesn't need umpires to collate information from more than one source. Instead, the cold dispassionate gaze of the machine simply informs the ref whether it's a goal or not.

Unveiling the new system, there FA admitted that three incorrect goal-line decisions were made last season. Famous examples of controversial goal-line calls include Frank Lampard's goal that wasn't for England against Germany in 2010, and the infamous Geoff Hurst goal also for England against Germany in the 1966 World Cup final. But as every Englishman knows, that definitely crossed the line, so it's OK.

The new technology will be used for the first time in this season's Premier League, following the Community Shield match this Sunday between league champions Manchester United and FA Cup holders Wigan Athletic.

You can watch this season's Premiership games on Sky Sports or its new rival BT Sport. Are you pleased that goal-line technology has arrived, or should we keep technology out of the beautiful game? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or cross the line to our Facebook page.