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Glucogrip monitors glucose levels, resembles iPhone

Italian product developer introduces what he describes as an ergonomic device to detect glucose in the blood whose 50 tiny needles are painless and leave no lesions behind.

The Glucogrip measures blood glucose levels in style.
Giulio Sbarigia

Blood glucose monitoring has improved greatly in recent years, with devices getting smaller, cheaper, and faster--a good thing, since almost 8 percent of Americans are diabetic, according to some estimates, and are encouraged to monitor their blood glucose levels anywhere from one to a dozen times a day.

So it should come as no surprise that the next-gen device, introduced by Italian product developer Giulio Sbarigia, is even smaller and faster, and bears some resemblance to the iPhone.

Designed by Pelikan, Sbarigia describes his device as ergonomic, with 50 tiny needles that are easy to load, supposedly painless, and leave no lesions behind.

Sbarigia was not immediately available for comment as to the pricing and availability of Glucogrip.