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Give your cat a comfy spaceship carrier

This sleek, ergonomic pet carrier looks like a sci-fi travel pod for a pampered cat.

This futuristic-looking pet carrier will make your cat look like a sci-fi pilot while staying comfy.

Traditional pet carriers aren't usually the most stylish ways to transport a cat or dog around. In fact, they often resemble some sort of plastic pet jail.

But the Kickstarter project for the Waul pet carrier wants to change that. Not only will your cat (or small dog) look like a futuristic traveler, but your furry companion will be comfy and entertained at the same time, if there's anything to go by the Waul pet carrier product description.

Measuring 22.8 inches long by 11.8 inches wide by 12.5 inches high (58 cm by 30 cm by 32 cm) and weighing only 3.8 pounds (1.7 kg), the ergonomic pet carrier can hold a cat or small dog up to 22 pounds.

Made from non-toxic, non-allergenic plastic, the carrier's shape can also accommodate car seat belts. The Waul pet carrier is well-ventilated and even has a transparent window which allows the cat to see the outside world.

Unlike the usual boring carriers, this one also as a built-in toy that imitates a pilot cockpit dashboard and will (hopefully) entertain your pet during the trips inside the carrier.

The Waul pet carrier's design allows for car seat belts to keep it secure, but we're pretty sure that cat is still plotting revenge.


"A peek-a-boo track design allows your pet to see, chase and swat the ball," the Kickstarter project states. "The swirl patterned ball's special color combination specifically designed to catch and attract cat's attention."

Even though this Kickstarter project doesn't end until June 15, it already met it's final fundraising goal of $3,890 (about £2,998 or AU$5,188), which means the Waul pet carrier will be made.

The cost for one carrier is $37 (about £28 or AU$49) and also comes with a mat and toy.

The carrier can be shipped worldwide (from England) and has an estimated delivery of October 2017.

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