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Gibson Power Tour guitar: No strings attached

Channel Hendrix or get your real-life Guitar Hero on with this touch-sensitive miniature guitar from IWOOT

Crave loves music. We're the ones at the back of the bus playing Lips 2 Da Floor on our iPhone and doing that half-singing, half-humming thing people do when they don't know all the lyrics.

Today, we we're annoying our co-workers with the Gibson Power Tour guitar from iwantoneofthose.com. It looks like it was designed for hobbits, and is completely devoid of strings, but it'll let you play anything you could on a real guitar.

Just stroke the touch-sensitive strum-bar and hit one of the pads along the shaft and it'll make the appropriate guitar note. It has a choice of 'metal', 'punk', 'rock', or 'indie' sounds and a whammy mode you can activate by tilting it upwards.

If, like us, you have no idea how to play the guitar, you'll be grateful for the 'learn' mode, which turns it into a real-life version of Guitar Hero. This plays notes through the speaker while illuminating the appropriate pad, so you can learn real songs instead of just making a load of noise. Failing that, you can connect it to your MP3 player and jam along to Fiddy.

The Gibson Power Tour comes in black or white, and is probably more fun than the I-Axe USB Guitar, also from iwoot. Pick one up now for £50. -Rory Reid