Get Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, and Just Cause 2 for $23.99

That's less than half what you'd pay for Tomb Raider alone. This PC game bundle is one of the best I've seen for action fans. Plus: two software freebies!

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Rick Broida
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Three great PC games for one seriously amazing price.
Three great PC games for one seriously amazing price. GameFly

Wow, the only thing worse than having to write an apology post for the previous day's early sellout is when the apology post itself suffers the same fate! Apparently users have an insatiable appetite for fast, high-capacity storage -- especially when it's dirt-cheap.

Today's deal can't really sell out, because it's digital, though the promo price may expire at any time, as may the coupon code -- though I'm pretty sure the latter is good through the end of the month.

Do you like action games? Then you're in for a treat: GameFly has Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, and Just Cause 2 (PC) for $23.99 when you apply coupon code GFDJUN20 at checkout. Steam's current price for Tomb Raider all by itself: $49.99.

Obviously this is not your typical game bundle, in that it's not a bunch of indie games you've never heard of. These are top-rated titles with a combined value of around $90. (In case it's not abundantly clear, they're downloads, not boxed copies.)

First up: Tomb Raider. Released back in March, this reboot of the series delivers the best Lara Croft adventure to date, as evidenced by GameSpot's 8.5 rating and its Metacritic average of 86.

I'd agree, at least based on the few levels I've had time to play: the game is pure fun, with dazzling graphics, intense action, and a surprisingly decent plot.

Sleeping Dogs, an August 2012 release, attracted much more attention on consoles than it did on the PC, but it definitely struck a nerve with players who dig fighting, shooting, driving, and the like in a gritty, open-world environment. GameSpot awarded the game an 8.0, subtracting points primarily due to its "artificial-looking character models and animations." Hey, when you're busy beating thugs to a pulp, who notices character models?

Finally, there's Just Cause 2, a thrillingly over-the-top adventure that dates back to 2010 -- but that won't interfere with your enjoyment one bit. It's equal parts James Bond and "Fast and Furious," with crazy stunts involving planes, parachutes, vehicles, guns, and, sometimes, best of all, grappling hooks.

Bottom line: If you've never played these games, you're in for three delectable treats -- for a price that's almost impossible to beat. (I've occasionally seen Just Cause 2 selling solo for $5, but if you didn't grab it then, this is the perfect time.) The only tough part: deciding which one to play first.

Bonus deal: If you work with a lot of PDFs, perhaps you occasionally have the need to convert them to different formats. For a limited time, you can get PDFZilla 3 (PC) for free. Regular price: $49.99. The program can convert PDFs to a variety of formats (such as Word, Excel, image, HTML), turn images into PDFs, merge PDFs, and so on. Sure, there are freeware utilities out there that can do likewise, but I love anything that has "zilla" in its name. To get the giveaway, click through to the promo page, copy the serial code, download and install the program, then paste in that code to register/activate.

Bonus deal No. 2: Do you have a Blu-ray drive connected to your Mac, or perhaps some ripped Blu-ray ISO files? Sounds like you'll need a way to watch your movies. Try this: Blu-ray Master is offering its Free Blu-ray Mac Player for, well, free. The program can play Blu-ray discs, folders, and ISO files, along with a wide variety of video formats.

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