Get the scoop on your fruit

The days of old-school melon-ballers are gone: the Fruit Scoops let you quickly separate the rind from the rest of your melons.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
The Fruit Scoops
The Fruit Scoops Sur la Table

It seems like every fruit and vegetable has a little something that needs to be removed before we're ready to eat it. With peppers, it's the seeds. With kiwi, it's the skin. But the Fruit Scoops, from Progressive, have provided an easy way to handle those less-than-tasty parts. The scoops look like little more than a circle of nylon at the end of a stick, but they can scoop, slice, core and even create shapes from a variety of fruits and vegetables. The handles are stainless steel to provide a good grip, while the scoops are nylon and slice surprisingly easily through melons and other produce. Due to the materials used, the scoops are dishwasher-safe.

The Fruit Scoops come in a set of three, in varying sizes. The largest works well for removing seeds from melons. The medium scoop is good for tasks like cleaning out peppers so you can stuff them. The smallest scoop is ideal for removing a kiwi from its skin. They do better on fruits and vegetables that are softer--the scoops won't replace your potato peeler--but with that group of produce, you can perform a wide variety of tasks, even substituting the scoops for melon-ballers and other tools. The set of Fruit Scoops are available for $12.95.