Get ready for spring time with 3D cookies

Your spring cookies can stand up and get noticed with the 3D Bunny Cookie Cutter.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
The 3D Bunny Cookie Cutter Fancy Flours

I'm already thinking about all the cookies I want to bake this spring, as well as looking for cookie cutters to make them with. The 3D Bunny Cookie Cutter particularly caught my eye because the result of your baking is a cookie that can sit up on its own. With just a little royal icing to "glue" the four pieces of cookie together, your bunnies can be centerpieces, decorations, and more--as well as remain a tasty treat. The 3D Bunny Cookie Cutter is actually a set of four heavy-gauge stainless steel cookie cutters that cut the pieces of the final cookie. The set comes with a recipe for royal icing, as well as a sugar cookie recipe, though you can branch out to your favorite rolled cookies.

The 3D Bunny Cookie Cutter may be a little more complicated than your standard spring cookie cutters, but the end result is eye-catching. The process of making the cookies can be even more fun that simply cutting them out, especially if you're keeping kids amused. Putting together the bunnies and decorating them can be a great project to do with children.The 3D Bunny Cookie Cutter set is $35.