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Get Modern Warfare 2 (PC) for $31.95

Shipping adds a few bucks more, but otherwise this is THE deal to beat on one of 2009's top-rated titles. You also have to beat the clock.

One of the top-rated games of 2009 is seriously on sale.

This absolutely positively will sell out quick, so I'm going to make this even quicker: Daily-deal site MidnightBox has Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PC) for $31.95. Shipping adds $3.99.

This uber-smash-hit game sells elsewhere at or near its $59.99 list price, so trust me when I say you're getting a steal.

In case you're not familiar with MW2, GameSpot gave it a rating of 8.5. Players have been a little less enthusiastic with their praise, but, man, reviewers everywhere gushed themselves silly about this game.

Here's your chance to grab it at a considerable savings. Why are you still here? Go get it before it's sold out!

Oh, and if you're in the mood, feel free to share why this is or is not the rockingest game ever.

Update: Sold out, I'm afraid. Hope you snagged a copy if you were interested!