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Get Lego Indiana Jones (PC) for $9.99

This must-have game for kids and Indiana Jones fans is on sale for a sawbuck.

Normally 30 bucks, Lego Indiana Jones for the PC can be yours for $10. LucasArts

Call Monday a "slow deal day." After an awful lot of scouring, here's the best bargain I could find: the Lego Store has Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures for Windows for $9.99.

I know, not exactly my best deal ever. But I will say this: The game is an absolute blast. It's ridiculously cute, incredibly clever, and equally fun for kids and grown-ups. (My two tykes are ga-ga for the Xbox version.)

And, hey, the $9.99 price is a full $20 less than what you'd pay at retail. The only downside is that you'll have to cough up $4.99 for shipping. But it's still a bargain, and well worth the price if you're into gaming on the PC.

(Bonus: It covers only the first three Indiana Jones moves, so you don't have to relive that Crystal Skull train wreck. Even Lego can't make that fun.)

So what were my runners-up? All reruns: AT&T still has refurbished iPhones starting at $99. has a 1TB Phantom USB/eSATA drive for $89.99 shipped (after rebate). And TigerDirect has refurbished Acer Aspire One Netbooks for $239.97, plus $1.99 shipping.

Like I said: slow deal day. Hopefully Tuesday will yield some better bargains.