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Get an HP quad-core desktop for $399.99

If you missed out on yesterday's desktop, this one offers a pretty solid set of specs for even less money.

The HP Pavilion P7-1447C.
The HP Pavilion P7-1447C.

Message received loud and clear: You folks still love desktops! I'll definitely add more to the rotation as I find them. In fact, yesterday's deal was so popular it sold out, so I'm following up with another today.

Available until midnight (ET), and while supplies last, Sellout.Woot has the refurbished HP Pavilion P7-1447C quad-core desktop for $399.99, plus $5 for shipping.

That's a full $200 less than yesterday's Dell. So, how do the two systems compare? This one's a refurb, so it has only a 90-day warranty. I've had extremely good luck with refurbished desktops, but I've never ordered one from Woot, and therefore can't say exactly what condition these will be in.

As for the loadout, it starts with a 3.2GHz AMD A8-5500 quad-core processor, 10GB of DDR3 RAM, and a 1TB hard drive. Although the Dell scored higher on the spec chart, this should offer more than ample horsepower for most users.

The rest of the hardware includes two USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, a media reader, a DVD burner, and integrated Radeon HD 7560D graphics. Need a graphics boost? Pop in your video card of choice. That's the beauty of a desktop.

I haven't found any reviews to speak of for this model, but if you're still plugging along on an old Windows XP or Vista machine, there's no question in my mind this would be a very nice upgrade.

Speaking of Windows, the Pavilion runs Windows 8. I know I've bashed the OS quite a bit in recent months, but the reality is that once you install a third-party Start-button utility (like Win8 StartButton) and set it to boot straight to Desktop, Windows 8 is entirely tolerable. Fast, even.

Bonus deal: Continuing that thought, ultrabook and laptop prices seem to be dipping by the day -- perhaps owing to a glut of unsold and returned/refurbished Windows 8 systems. Good news for bargain shoppers, right? To wit: Today only, and while supplies last, 1SaleADay has the refurbished Asus X501A-HPD121H 15.6-inch Windows 8 laptop for $299.99 shipped. It's definitely on the entry-level side, but still an attractive and well-rounded machine for the price. This being 1SaleADay, however, delivery could take 2-3 weeks.

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