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Get an Archos 30GB portable media player for $109.99 shipped has the top-rated Archos 404, which plays music, videos, and photos, for $109.99 with free shipping.


Good deals come to those who wait. The Archos 404 portable media player sold for $299 when it debuted in late summer '06, but now you can scoop one up for just $109.99 shipped. It's a reconditioned unit, but it includes a six-month warranty (according to the product page).

The Archos 404 measures 3x4x0.6 inches, meaning it's easily compact enough to slip into a pocket. It sports a 30GB hard drive and 3.5-inch screen, and it can record line-in audio and video (with optional adapters). It supports a wide range of video, photo, and audio formats, including DRM-protected WMAs (good news for fans of music-subscription services). Want to watch DVDs on the device? The same HandBrake utility I mentioned last week can produce Archos-friendly DVD rips.

CNET loved the Archos 404, awarding it an 8/10 rating. The only real disappointment is the lack of an FM tuner. But if you're looking for a video-friendly media player with loads of storage and a roomy screen, check out the 404.