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Get an Acer Iconia 10-inch Android tablet for $299.98

Or an Asus Eee Pad Transformer for $299.99. Or take $100 off just about any tablet Staples sells. The only catch: you have to visit a Staples store.

Thanks to a $100-off Staples coupon, you can get a tablet like the Acer Iconia A500 for under $300.
Thanks to a $100-off Staples coupon, you can get a tablet like the Acer Iconia A500 for under $300.

Been eyeballing a tablet? There are some pretty spiffy new models hitting the streets right now, most of them powered by Android Honeycomb. Alas, prices start at around $400--less than what you'd pay for the low-end iPad 2, but still pretty steep.

If you have a Staples store near you, you can save $100 on nearly any tablet using this printable coupon. Yowza! That translates to some of the best tablet prices anywhere.

For example, the Acer Iconia A500 10-inch Android tablet sells for $399.98, but when you stroll in with your coupon, you can walk out with it for $299.98 (plus sales tax, natch).

Update: Just got back from Staples. I'm sorry to report the Iconia A500 sells for $449.98 in-store, so unless you find a store manager who's willing to price-match and honor the coupon, $299.98 isn't an option for that model. Also, I was told the Nook Color is technically an e-reader, not a tablet, so that's a no-go. Best bet without a doubt: the Dell Streak (see below).

Update #2: As always, readers are smarter than I am. It's possible the in-store price I saw on the Iconia was in need of updating. In other words, it should have been $399.98. In any case, I'm informed that Staples stores will indeed match Web-site pricing (unless it's an online-only deal, which this isn't), so the $299.98 price for the Iconia is still on!

Likewise, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer costs $399.99, but it drops to $299.99 post-coupon. Or how about this: the Dell Streak 7-inch tablet, normally $299.98, for $199.98? Of course, you can always splurge on something like the $499.98 Motorola Xoom, taking it home for an unheard-of $399.98.

The coupon is limited to in-store purchases, and there's no guaranteeing which models your local Staples will have in stock. I'd call first before making a trip--and if they have what you want, ask them to hold it for you.

One other thing: the coupon isn't good for Kindle or Nook e-readers (though it doesn't specifically exclude the Nook Color, which would be awfully sweet at $149), or for the HP TouchPad.

The coupon is valid through July 30, but with savings like this, I suspect Staples stores will quickly sell out of most of their tablet stock. If that happens, ask the manager about a rain check. And see if you can finagle that Nook Color for $149, because that would be just plain awesome.

Bonus deal No. 1: Couldn't get the store to sign off on the $149 Nook Color? Here's the next best thing: Barnes & Noble is selling refurbished Nook Colors for $199 shipped. B&N's refurbs look and act like new, and they're covered by a full one-year warranty.

Bonus deal No. 2: How about a couple new lowest-price-ever deals from Apple? You can get a refurbished Mac Mini for $469, or a refurbished MacBook Air for $749. Both prices include shipping and a one-year warranty.