Get an 8GB iPod Touch and 4.3-inch GPS for $204.99

For $25 less than the regular price of the iPod alone, you can get an Insignia navigation system. Sellout risk: huge!

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
The 8GB iPod Touch and Insignia NAV01 4.3-inch GPS, together for just $204.99.
The 8GB iPod Touch and Insignia NAV01 4.3-inch GPS, together for just $204.99. Best Buy

I apologize in advance if this deal sells out before your Cheapskate e-mail arrives, but, hey, that's why I've routinely advised people to visit the site in the a.m. rather than waiting on the e-mail.

Anyway. Best Buy is offering the current-generation 8GB iPod Touch and an Insignia NAV01 4.3-inch GPS for $204.99, plus sales tax and $6 for shipping. That's about $25 less than you'd normally pay for the iPod alone. Both items are new, not refurbished.

Ay caramba! That's one seriously sweet bundle--which is why I suspect it will sell out very quickly. You could accomplish your dad-and-grad shopping in one fell swoop!

Does the iPod Touch need any introduction? Although 8GB isn't a ton of storage, you still get all the goodies like the Retina display, the built-in cameras, HD video recording, FaceTime, and apps aplenty.

As for the NAV01, it's an understandably no-frills navigator with a 4.3-inch screen, text-to-speech, and a windshield mount. Might be a nice upgrade from a cheapy 3.5-inch GPS, or a "starter" model for someone who doesn't take a lot of trips. Heck, throw the sucker up on eBay to lower your overall iPod price.

What are your thoughts on this bundle? Is the hardware too entry level for your liking--or too good to pass up?

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