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Get an 8GB Eye-Fi ProX2 SDHC card for $49.99

This is the flagship (flagcard?) of the Eye-Fi lineup, and it normally sells for twice the price. You'll love the convenience of wirelessly copying photos from your camera.

The 8GB Eye-Fi ProX2 normally sells for $99.99.
The 8GB Eye-Fi ProX2 normally sells for $99.99.

I'll just come right out and say it: Eye-Fi cards are overpriced. They're incredibly convenient, no doubt about it, and I'll never use another camera without one, but the prices are just outta whack.

Today, they're a little less whacky. While supplies last, Sellout.woot has the refurbished 8GB Eye-Fi ProX2 SDHC Wi-Fi memory card for $49.99, plus $5 for shipping. Regular price: $99.99.

Crazy, right? You can buy a regular 8GB memory card for as little as $12, so who in their right mind would pay $100? Even $50 seems steep, but allow me to plead my (admittedly weak) case.

The ProX2 is the flagship of the Eye-Fi line, which, in case you're unfamiliar with it, wirelessly copies photos and videos from your camera to your PC, your smartphone, your tablet, or any number of online services (Facebook, Flickr, etc.).

This version also offers free, automated geotagging of your photos, and one year of access to AT&T Wi-Fi hot spots. It even supports the raw format, a boon to serious photographers. Other, cheaper versions of the Eye-Fi lack some or all of these features.

Alas, the ProX2 is a Class 6 SDHC card, so it won't be quite as fast at reading and writing as a Class 10 card would be. (They're rated at 6MBps and 10MBps, respectively.) That's kind of an antiboon for serious photographers.

Still, this is 50 percent off the regular price, and you absolutely positively cannot beat the convenience of an Eye-Fi card. I totally dig these things. Oh, and don't worry about it being refurbished: you still get a one-year warranty.

Bonus deal: If you never got around to playing BioShock 2, do yourself a huge favor and grab it from Amazon while it's on sale for just $6.99 (download version for Windows). The reviewers are right that the activation, DRM, and Windows Live components are a major PIA, but once you get past them, it's pure gaming gold.