Get an 8-inch Wi-Fi photo frame for $59 shipped

Normally priced at around $90, the ViewSonic VFP838-11 is one of the few frames to offer Wi-Fi. And it makes mighty good use of it.

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Rick Broida
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ViewSonic's Wi-Fi-enabled photo frame can display photos and other cool stuff from various online sources. ViewSonic

I'm a big fan of revolving photo frames. I mean, why stare at the same old picture when you can see a different one every time you walk by?

Thursday only, Dell has the ViewSonic VFP838-11 8-inch photo frame for just $59 shipped. I've seen similar frames for less, but not with the one feature I covet most: Wi-Fi.

Using your home network, the VFP838-11 can wirelessly connect to online photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Picasa. It also supports custom RSS feeds through a service called FrameChannel, which serves up things like weather, sports scores, and Facebook and Twitter updates.

The frame comes with 512MB of RAM, enough to store "hundreds" of photos (ViewSonic doesn't specify an exact number). Its card reader can fetch pics from most of the major media types, including Memory Stick and SD/SDHC (sorry, few remaining xD users).

The 8-inch LCD offers a viewing resolution of 800x600--about what you'd expect for a screen of this size. It's designed to stand on a table or countertop; there's no wall-mount option that I can see.

I haven't used this particular frame, so I don't know how easy it is to configure for all the wireless goodies. Also, I haven't found much in the way of reviews, user or otherwise. I was hoping to at least peek at the manual on ViewSonic's product page, but, alas, it's not there.

I can say that for half the price of my all-time favorite photo frame, the Kodak Pulse, you get more wireless features and a slightly larger screen. But remember, the deal expires today. And it's definitely a gift-giving time of year, so the sellout risk is very high. You've been warned.

Bonus deal: Speaking of photos (and last-minute Mother's Day gifts), you can get a free 8x10 photo collage from Walgreens. OK, not entirely free: You're still on the hook for sales tax, and possibly shipping if you don't have a Walgreens near you. Still a great deal, though.