Get Advanced SystemCare Pro 7 (Win) for free

If your PC isn't behaving itself, this multi-function system fixer might help.

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Rick Broida
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Greetings from 30,000 feet, where it still amazes me I can enjoy Wi-Fi. Even better, I can enjoy it for just $8 courtesy of Southwest. Note to other airlines: quit gouging us for Internet!

Next stop: Vegas, for my annual visit to CES. I don't anticipate finding many deals there, but the new tech of today is the cheap tech of tomorrow. Stay tuned.

For now, let's all enjoy a freebie, one that promises to tune up your ailing PC. Today only, Giveaway of the Day is offering Iobit Advanced SystemCare Pro 7 (Win) for free. Regular price: $29.99.

What you're actually getting here is a six-month subscription to the Pro version, after which it reverts to the free version (which has fewer tools but is still a pretty good system cleaner).

ASC Pro 7 promises to clear the junk from your Registry, delete unnecessary files, find and remove malware, beef up your privacy settings, optimize your Internet connection, and lots more.

To get it, click the midpage link that says "Download Advanced SystemCare Pro 7 now." That'll get you the installer and a readme file containing instructions for activation. Because the Wi-Fi up here is slow, I can't download the file myself and provide exact installation/registration instructions -- but I'm sure some kind reader will do so in the comments. Thanks in advance for the help!

So, who should use a utility like this? Anyone whose PC is more than a year or two old, or has been encountering inexplicably flaky performance. As a general rule, I don't run system-fixers like this unless absolutely necessary, but I've used SystemCare in the past and found it to be among the better utilities in its class.

As with any such tool, however, make sure you know what you're doing. Make sure you create a backup and/or system restore point before performing any "fixes," and review everything the program proposes to change before letting it make those changes. In other words, look before you clean.

Like all Giveaway of the Day giveaways, this one must be installed and activated today. You're getting it without promises of updates or technical support. The idea here, truly, is to let you test-drive the Pro version for six months, then pony up for a subscription if you decide it's valuable.

Again, if your system is humming along fine, I wouldn't bother. But if you're not happy with the way it's operating, this is well worth a try before you spend money on tech support, repairs, or even a new machine.

Bonus deal: Reader's choice! Hit the comments and name the best deal you're able to find today -- and be sure to explain why you think it's so awesome.

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