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Get a Vizio 32-inch LCD smart TV for $258

Normally priced around $300, this versatile LCD features built-in Wi-Fi and the full array of Vizio's apps, including Netflix and Hulu Plus.

The Vizio E322AR.
The Vizio E322AR.

Sure, you can buy a 32-inch TV for around $200, but it won't have Wi-FI, it won't have apps, and it might just be refurbished. (Much as I love refurb gear, TVs are an exception. I almost always recommend buying new.)

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Dell has the Vizio E322AR 32-inch smart TV for $258 shipped (plus sales tax in some states). It's new, not refurbished, and definitely packing some bells and whistles.

First up: Wi-Fi. Which is good for second up: apps. Vizio offers a wealth of them, everything from Amazon Instant Video to Hulu Plus to Netflix, with nice extras like Crackle, Pandora, Facebook, and YouTube in between.

The TV also sports three HDMI inputs (one better, obviously, than the two you often see on an LCD of this size), and a USB port you can use to view your own photos and videos. (Alas, it appears to lack DLNA support, so you can't stream media directly from your PC.)

This is a 720p TV -- fine for a 32-inch screen, though there are models out there offering 1080p (which I'd maintain is overkill). My only real issue is the CCFL backlight, which may wear out sooner than a model that uses LEDs.

CNET hasn't reviewed the E322AR, and Dell's product page lists only one user review (five stars, for what it's worth). Over at Amazon, however, the TV earned four stars on average from over 160 buyers.

Even in these days of cheap Roku boxes, I think there's much to be said for a TV that has its own apps. It's just way more convenient than switching to another input, picking up a different remote, and so on.

If you feel the same way, and you're in the market for an inexpensive, smaller HDTV for a den or bedroom, this might be a deal worth grabbing.

Bonus deal: In case you missed it last time around, has the Northwest Instant Wireless travel router/repeater for $17, plus $2.99 for shipping. It turns any Ethernet connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot, or boosts the signal from an existing Wi-Fi router. It's intended for road trips, but would work just as well around a home or office.

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