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Get a stereo Bluetooth headset for $34 (or less)

Ready to cut the cord between your ears and your iPhone, iPod Touch, or other A2DP-compatible device? Here are three stereo headsets, all priced at $34 or less.

The Tritton AX BlueStream stereo Bluetooth headset isn't completely wireless.

In honor of today's release of iPhone OS 3.0, which promises to add stereo Bluetooth capabilities to iPhones and iPod Touches, here's a selection of headsets to pair with your soon-to-be wire-free devices: has the Tritton AX BlueStream Bluetooth headset for $28.99 shipped.

Bear in mind that this is a headset, meaning it includes an inline microphone and an OLED display that shows volume, Caller ID, and music-playback status. Unfortunately, that means it involves wires, which some might say defeats the purpose of stereo Bluetooth.

For those folks, has the Motorola S805 Bluetooth stereo headphones for $29.99 shipped. These are more-traditional, over-the-ear 'phones, suitable for kicking back in your favorite chair.

The Motorola S805 Bluetooth headphones are perfect for kicking back--but not for phone calls.

In between the two lies the Bluetrek ST1 Bluetooth stereo headset ($34 shipped from TigerDirect), which combines earbuds with a slightly dorky-looking behind-the-neck frame. Could be good for jogging, the gym, etc.

Though there's no immediate evidence of a microphone, the ST1 does indeed have one, so you can use it to make and take calls. In fact, its feature list is pretty extensive, making this the headset to beat of the three.

Of course, all the models should work with any stereo Bluetooth-compatible device. Which style suits you best?