Get a Spotlight-like search box for Chrome tabs

Tablight delivers a search box for Chrome should you frequently find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of open tabs.

Matt Elliott/CNET

You know you have a tabs problem when it would be easier to just search for one of your open tabs than to try to navigate to it by clicking your open tabs until you find it. If you have reached this point and use Chrome, then you need help in the form of Chrome extension Tablight.

Tablight provides a Mac OS X Spotlight-like search box for Chrome that lets you assign a keyboard shortcut to call it up. After you install Tablight, the extension opens a tab with a link to Change the shortcut.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

What I found, however, is that no shortcut is assigned by default, despite the extension's description in the Chrome Web Store indicating Command-O (Macs) or Control-O (PCs) is the default keyboard shortcut. So, you must set your own keyboard shortcut either by the Change the shortcut link from the first tab that the extension opens or by opening the extensions page in Chrome, scrolling to the bottom and clicking the Keyboard shortcuts link.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

After you set a keyboard shortcut for Tablight, the extension opens a large Spotlight-like search box in the middle of your current Chrome tab. It searches the text of the URLs and titles of the open tabs in your current Chrome window, with results showing up below the search box as you type. Clicking on a result takes you to that tab.

Via Ghacks.