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Get a Seagate Backup Plus 3TB desktop hard drive for $88.82

That should be more than enough terabytes for your video and other data-intensive activities. Plus: an almost-as-good-as-Prime-Day deal on the Fire HD 8 tablet -- and a case deal to go with it!

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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It's not much to look at, but the Seagate Backup Plus offers 3 terabytes for a song. Or pay a little extra to get the nicer-looking newer model.


Speaking of eclipses, not-so-many moons ago, I worked for a mail-order computer company. I can distinctly remember how excited everybody got the day we were able to sell a 250MB hard drive for $250. That's megabytes, people.

Today, for a limited time and while supplies last, Rakuten has the Seagate Backup Plus STDT3000100 3TB USB 3.0 desktop hard drive for $74.99 shipped. That's three terabytes, people. (Ebates users can score an extra 2 percent rebate, bringing the net cost down to $73.50.)

I'm going to make the case for spending an extra $14, however, because Amazon has the Seagate Backup Plus STFM3000100 3TB USB 3.0 desktop drive for $88.82 shipped. That's not including sales tax; if you want to dodge it, visit this page and order from reseller Ace Easy. Same drive, same price; no tax. (Inventory may be limited, FYI.)

What's the difference between the two? The second one (via Amazon) is a newer model that offers one key advantage: a USB hub with a pair of USB 3.0 ports. That not only replaces the one used by the drive itself, but also adds an extra. Update: I goofed. The $88.82 model does not have the hub; that option brings the price up to $100. So I think I'm back to recommending the $75 model, which really is a steal at that price.

Either way, the Backup Plus is your basic black brick, one that requires external power and therefore isn't particularly portable. Rather, it's designed to sit on your desk (or near your router, if you're using it for network-drive purposes).

Another point in favor of the STFM3000100: it's less basic-looking, instead angled a bit in front and definitely easier on the eyes.

Both models can run on either a Windows- or Mac-based machine without the need for reformatting, though Mac users will need to install an NTFS driver.

True to its name, the Backup Plus comes with Seagate Dashboard software designed to simply backup -- not just from your PC, but also from online services such as Facebook and Flickr. You also get a two-year warranty.

Does anyone even need this much storage nowadays? You'd be surprised how quickly any kind of video library can eat up space. And, of course, multiple full-system backups -- if that's how you roll -- definitely add up.

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: Amazon is once again offering the Fire HD 8 tablet with Special Offers for $59.99 -- not quite as low as on Prime Day, but still a pretty stupendous deal. (You can also get the Fire 7 for $39.99, but I really recommend going with the HD 8.)

And how about a case to go with it? For a limited time, you can get a Zerhunt Fire HD 8 (2017) case in black for $8.79 (shipped free with Prime) when you apply promo code V3S8SHK7, or choose the blue, sky blue or red version for $9.59 with the same code. These cases provide not only protection, but also typing and viewing-angle stand options.