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Get a retractable universal laptop charger for $20

This kit includes tips for nearly all laptop makes and gives you power both at home and in your car. It usually sells for $80.

The ZipKord universal laptop charger includes both AC and DC adapters and 11 power tips.
The ZipKord universal laptop charger includes both AC and DC adapters and 11 power tips. ZipKord

I hate cord clutter. But when I travel (like I'm doing right now), I'm stuck with it, what with all the power cords I have to stuff into my carry-on.

My laptop's AC adapter is among the worst offenders (two cords!), which is why I'm thinking very seriously about this: ZipKord has the Retractable Universal Laptop Combo-Charger for $20, plus a very reasonable $3.75 for shipping. Regular price: $79.99.

This travel-friendly kit consists of two retractable cords -- one for AC outlets, one for in-dash cigarette lighters -- and a set of 11 tips. The latter afford compatibility with most laptops from Acer, Asus, Dell, Gateway, Lenovo, Toshiba, and other makers.

There's also a power brick, of course, one that delivers 65 watts of power. (It's not shown in the photo, but I'm assured it's on the other side of the packaging.)

I haven't found any reviews of this ZipKord product, but it looks pretty straightforward to me. And considering that some universal laptop chargers (like this one from Rocketfish) sell for as much as $70 -- and have lots of tangle-prone cords -- it's hard to pass up a $20, tangle-free alternative.

My only concern is that a lot of the competing kits I've seen have 90-watt bricks. This one being 65 watts, I'm not sure if it'll simply charge your battery more slowly or charge it less fully than it should. (Engineers, let's hear from you. I was absent that day in class.)

I think if you travel a lot and want to keep cord clutter to a minimum, this might be an ideal solution. Your thoughts?

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