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Get a Pogoplug Pro network storage adapter for $29.99

This awesome gadget normally sells for $99.99. Even better, you can get the Pogoplug Premium software for just $10 more (reg. $29). Deal ends tomorrow!

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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For just $30, the Wi-Fi-equipped Pogoplug Pro is too good to pass up.
For just $30, the Wi-Fi-equipped Pogoplug Pro is too good to pass up. Cloud Engines

You remember the Pogoplug, right? It's the gizmo that turns one or more USB hard drives into network-attached and Web-accessible storage.

The Cloud Engines Pogoplug Pro is the third-generation version of the device, notable mostly for the addition of built-in Wi-Fi. That means it doesn't have to sit right next to your router, but can instead reside just about anywhere in your home, office, or home office.

From now through August 26, or until supplies run out, my very own CNET overlords (in partnership with Cloud Engines) are offering the Pogoplug Pro for just $29.99, plus $10 $12.95 for shipping. That's an insanely good deal--and a CNET exclusive, I might add! (Update: Sorry for the error on the shipping charge.)

Equally exclusive, you can toss the Pogoplug Premium software into your cart for just $10 more. It normally sells for $29. More on that in a minute.

In case you're not familiar with the Pogoplug, it lets you connect up to four external hard drives, which become accessible via your network, the Web, your phone, and possibly your cat (I'm double-checking on that). It even lets you put your printer(s) online so you can print from any mobile device. (Check out the free apps for Android and iOS.)

The Pogoplug Pro is modeled in a snazzy black, which I mention only because the previous version was covered in a retina-burning pink. Unlike that Pogoplug, this is one gizmo you won't mind plopping on your desk.

The Pogoplug software is what makes it possible to share files, access your data from virtually anywhere, back up files to multiple locations, and so on. With Pogoplug Premium, you get the enviable ability to stream music and videos to your smartphone, game console, media player, and even Internet-connected TV. Well worth an extra 10 bucks, in my humble opinion.

Of course, the Pogoplug Pro is still extremely versatile without it. It's one of my favorite "practical" gadgets, as it turns pretty much any hard drive(s) you own into network-attached storage. At $30, it's too good to pass up. (Agree? Disagree? Tell me why in the comments.)

Bonus deal: What's a Pogoplug without a big fat hard drive? While supplies last, Buy.com via eBay has the Fantom 2TB USB/eSATA external hard drive for $79.99 shipped. Or, if you don't mind rebates, Newegg has the Pro version of the same drive for $69.99 shipped--after a $20 mail-in rebate. I'm not exactly sure what's different between the two.