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Get a Pogoplug Mobile for $29.99 shipped

Or get a Pogoplug Classic for about the same price. Both gizmos make it easy to add Web- and mobile-accessible storage to your home network.

The Pogoplug Mobile.
The Pogoplug Mobile.
Cloud Engines

The Pogoplug is a small box that plugs into your home router, then makes external storage devices (hard drives, flash drives) available to your PCs, mobile devices, and people on the Web you want to share with.

For a limited time, has the Pogoplug Mobile for $29.99 shipped. You can also get the Pogoplug Classic for $29.95 shipped.

Just to clarify, what calls the Pogoplug Mobile is now known simply as the Pogoplug. It differs from the Classic in that it offers just one USB port for plugging in external storage -- but also has an SD slot. The Classic has four USB ports and no SD slot.

With both devices and Pogoplug's software, you can stream music, movies, and photos to your Android and iOS devices. You can also back up photos and videos captured with those devices.

The Pogoplugs come in especially handy for sharing files (publicly or privately) and making backups from one or more PCs. Ultimately, they're like network-attached storage interfaces -- where you supply the storage.

Its former name and diminutive size notwithstanding, the Mobile is not a portable device. Instead, it resides alongside your router and relies on one of three sources for storage: your PC(s), a USB hard drive or flash drive plugged directly into the unit, or an SD card.

Both models have a list price of $49.99, so this is a pretty decent deal. I've been a Pogoplug (Classic) user for about a year; it's a mighty handy gizmo to have around. Unless you particularly need the SD slot, I'd choose the Classic over the Mobile.

Bonus deal: Today only, Giveaway of the Day has Paragon Drive Copy 11 Professional SE (Windows) free of charge. It's designed to clone your hard drive for backup purposes and simplify your migration from an old PC to a new one.

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