Get a Nest Earbud Case for $9.99 shipped

Keep your earphones tangle-free and at the ready with this popular holster. A CNET-exclusive coupon code nets you free shipping.

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Rick Broida
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Wrap your cord in the Nest Earbud Case for easy tangle-free storage.
Wrap your cord in the Nest Earbud Case for easy tangle-free storage. Digital Innovations

I'll admit I scoffed a bit the first time I saw the Nest Earbud Case (at CES earlier this year). Sure, I hate tangled-up earbud cords as much as the next guy, but 10 bucks for a big rubber cord-wrap? Pass.

But you know what? Dang if this thing hasn't become one of my favorite little accessories. And although it's still $9.99, you can get a Nest shipped for free when you apply coupon code nestcnet at checkout. (The code is good until July 16.) Normally shipping would run you another $4.95.

Available in blue, green, and pink, the Nest gives you a flip-out wheel around which to wrap your earbud cord. That's after pressing the 'buds themselves into the center area, which holds them in place with a series of flexible flaps. When you're done, you tuck the wheel back into the main housing. Now your earphones stay protected and tangle-free. When you want to use them again, you just reach in for the 'buds and fish out the entire thing.

This is much more easily shown than explained, so peep this video for a minute if you're inclined:

Needless to say, there are other ways to wrap your earbuds, including the old-standby figure-eight method. It's free, but not very secure or pocket-friendly, and it places extra strain on your cord with that tight noose.

I think if you want to help your earbuds last as long as possible and make them easily accessible, the Nest is a great solution. And at $10 out the door, it's a decent deal. Nice gift item, too.