Get a massive Mac software bundle for $47

AppSumo's MEGA Mac Sumo Bundle features 13 popular programs, utilities, and games. Purchased separately, they'd run you close to $300.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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The MEGA Mac Sumo Bundle comes with 13 apps that have a combined value of nearly $300.
The MEGA Mac Sumo Bundle comes with 13 apps that have a combined value of nearly $300. Screenshot by Rick Broida

My good buds at AppSumo are at it again, this time with a big old bundle of Mac goodies for an impossible-to-beat price.

It's the MEGA Mac Sumo Bundle, and it comes with nearly $300 worth of Mac software and services--all for $47.

I'm not a Mac user myself, so I don't have firsthand experience with many of these items--but I can tell the bundle is stocked with mighty good stuff.

For example, there's a six-month license for GadgetTrak, which can help you recover a stolen Mac system. You also get TaskPaper, the highly regarded to-do manager, and Machinarium, the fantastic (and award-winning) puzzle/adventure game.

Other bundle goodies include download manager SpeedDownload, desktop-management tools Arrange, Breeze, and Cinch, and productivity-booster Vitamin-R.

In addition to a few others, there's my top pick: Wondershare Video Converter Pro, a DVD ripper and video converter that's worth $49 all by itself. If you were thinking of buying that anyway, all the rest is just yummy icing on the cake.

There's no charity connected with this particular bundle, but I did want to mention that the Windows Holiday Bundle I helped create late last year raised a whopping $8,000 for Charity:Water. I'm overjoyed by that and thank everyone who participated.

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