Get a Mac design bundle for free

Templates, textures, themes, fonts, and more, all for the budding Mac designer, all free from StackSocial.


Many software bundles come with a bit of buyer's remorse: you get a couple things you wanted, and a bunch of stuff you didn't. Maybe it wasn't such a good deal after all?

No chance of that here. StackSocial is offering the Premium Designer Freebie Bundle, well, free. (The price is right there in the name.)

This Mac-only collection includes nine items with a combined value of $257. It's intended primarily for people who do app and/or Web design, but no doubt some of the elements could be used in other occupations.

Update: According to StackSocial, all the graphics in the bundle are platform-agnostic, and therefore can be used on both Windows and Mac.

For example, you get 80 commercial-use fonts from The Essential Fonts Collection, along with nine "premium" fonts from designer Andre Zottolo (each one prettier than the last, in my humble opinion). Also offering somewhat universal appeal: the Hi-Resolution Grunge Textures Pack, which includes various vector and photo textures along with 10 Photoshop brushes.

Some of the bundle's pricier assets include iPhone app/e-mail templates from Likemind, a collection of WordPress themes and elements from Creativio, and a dozen-plus iPhone/iPad Web site templates.

All told, it's a nifty bunch of stuff for a price that's impossible to beat. (Well, I suppose they could pay you to take it.) If you're involved in any kind of design work, this bundle's a no-brainer: grab it while you can. (Thankfully, StackSocial will offer it for a full two weeks.)

There's only one string attached: during checkout, you have to follow StackSocial on Facebook or Twitter and then share the deal using one of the same. Pretty small price to pay, if you ask me.