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Get a Logitech keyboard-mouse-laptop stand combo for $40 shipped

Normally $100, this terrific bundle combines a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and laptop stand-powered USB hub. Just make sure to apply the coupon code.

Cut the cord with Logitech's wireless S520 keyboard and mouse.

If your laptop pulls double duty as a desktop, do yourself a favor and invest in a full-size mouse and keyboard. While you're at it, a good laptop stand is mighty nice to have, too.

Logitech's Cordless Desktop S520/Alto Connect bundle normally sells for $99.99, but you can get it for $39.99 shipped (with coupon code logi_s520b_11510). Smokin'!

The Cordless Desktop S520 consists of a wireless keyboard and a laser mouse. It's a basic, no-frills set that's nicely suited for desktop use. CNET gave it 3.5 stars out of five it its review, the major complaint being that the keyboard's deep wrist-rest makes it a poor choice for the living room. (Who said anything about the living room?)

As for the Alto Connect, it props up your laptop at a more comfortable viewing height and angle, and it provides three powered, easily accessible USB ports. So it's a hub as well as a stand. CNET hasn't reviewed the stand, but check out the mostly glowing user reviews at Amazon.

The Alto Connect laptop stand includes three powered-USB ports. Logitech

By the way, don't be put off by the "dented box" description. Although the box itself may be "torn, scratched, dented," or otherwise marked, the products are guaranteed to be in brand-new condition, and they come with a full warranty.

The coupon code expires Jan. 21, but it's possible, likely, even, that the bundle will sell out before then. Don't wait too long to get in on this accessory goodness!