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Get a grip on your vegetables

Safely slice, mince, and even julienne even small vegetables with the Mince N' Slice. This tool can handle all three tasks in a breeze.

The Mince N' Slice

There are recipes that make it seem like I have to mince a mountain of garlic. They taste great, but it's plenty of work. The Mince N' Slice from Progressive offers a fast way to mince, julienne, and slice, without any worries of fingers getting in the way. With a hand guard and inset grooves to keep your vegetables in place, you can prepare ingredients for a meal quickly. The Mince N' Slice even catches everything it cuts in a removable catch tray. If you're slicing a lot of ingredients the catch tray may be a little small, but the Mince N' Slice has side grooves that allow it to fit securely on top of most bowls.

The Mince N' Slice offers consistent results, a plus for cooks like me who don't always turn out identically chopped vegetables. It's primarily food-grade plastic, with stainless steel blades. For juliennes, it offers a set of retractable blades. The blades are also double sided, which significantly speeds up the slicing process. And if you've got a lot of smaller vegetables, such as garlic, that you want to mince, you can be sure that they won't slip or endanger your fingertips. The Mince N' Slice is priced at $18.99.