Get a free digital converter box and HDMI cable

As all English-speaking peoples of the world know by now, the digital switchover is coming. Here's your chance to score a free converter box and cable for your analog TV.

You supply the government coupon; Meritline serves up the converter box and a free HDMI cable to boot.

Still haven't picked up a converter box for your old non-digital TV? Meritline has a deal that's hard to beat: if you've got your coupon from Uncle Sam, you can get an AirLink ATVC102 digital-to-analog converter box for free. Really!

Also free: shipping. Also also free: a 6-foot HDMI cable. And if all that's not good enough, you can double up on this deal: two boxes, two cables, and still free shipping.

I haven't found any reviews of this particular box, which is one of the few that's actually priced under $40 (which is the redeemable value of each coupon--how else did you think Meritline was swinging this deal?).

But it looks like it has everything you need to bring an analog TV into the Digital Age: an electronic program guide, an analog pass-through, a remote, and a one-year warranty.

To get the deal, you simply need to enter the 16-digit DTV coupon number(s) and supply your credit card info. I'm not sure when the deal expires, but I have a sneaking suspicion Meritline will sell out quickly. So if you've been sitting on your coupon(s), now's the time to act!