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Get a free .com domain name registration

Actually, only the first year is free, and you'll probably need hosting to go with it. Still, free is free, right?

Want to register a new domain? It doesn't get any cheaper than free.
1&1 Internet

You know me: I like free. Domain registrations aren't exactly pricey (many places will set you up for under $10), but when I can get one for nothing, well, I'll take it.

If you're looking to carve out your own personal corner of the Web, start a new business, set up an e-mail address for life, that kind of thing, 1&1 Internet is offering a free one-year .com domain registration.

Yep, free. This is good for new domains only, not renewals, and it's limited to one per customer. After the first year, you'll be on the hook for the annual renewal fee of $8.99 (a pretty standard rate).

Also, if you want, say, a .net or .org domain, it'll cost you $6.99. For what it's worth, .info domains are going for just 99 cents. (Again, all of these prices are for the first year only.)

Whatever domain type you choose, keep in mind that once you've registered, you'll still need hosting for it (so you can set up your blog, Web site, e-mail addresses).

1&1 offers packages that include hosting, and in fact there's a free-hosting-for-three-months offer on the same page--including a free domain--but there may be better deals elsewhere. You can read the fine print on 1&1's Terms & Conditions page.

Anyone have any experience with these guys? I tried 1&1 maybe 10 years ago, and the experience was not good. I have to assume they've improved considerably, otherwise they wouldn't still be able to afford those multipage magazine spreads. (Yep, it's that 1&1.)

By the way, this offer is good until May 31.

Bonus deal: Speaking of free stuff, Barnes & Noble is giving away five free e-books, no strings attached. Well, OK, you do need a Nook, or any device that can run the free B&N eReader app. Can't say I'm terribly excited by any of the titles, but, like I keep saying, I like free stuff.