Get a Fluance iPhone-iPod speaker tower for $249.99

Cheapskate exclusive! This high-powered, wood-enclosed speaker dock normally sells for $100 more. And it ships for free.

The Fluance FiTSD600 speaker dock cranks out 36 watts of iDevice-powered audio.

Most speaker docks are on the small side, with an eye toward portability. Consequently, they're rarely powerful enough to fill a room with sound.

One option, of course, is a traditional stereo system with a receiver, a pair of speakers, and wires all over the place. What is this, the '70s?

Another option: pack that entire stereo into a single, floor-standing speaker that docks your iPhone or iPod -- no wires required (except for power, natch).

Like this one: for a limited time, you can get the Fluance FiTSD600 2.1-channel tower speaker dock for $249.99 shipped. That's after applying coupon code FITSD600 at checkout. Regular price: $349.99.

The glossy, piano-black FiTSD600 stands a little under 4 feet tall. It's made of wood, not plastic or metal, a feature that translates to superior sound, according to Fluance. (I'm no audio expert, but it does seem like all the best speakers are encased in wood.)


Together, its dual tweeters, dual midrange speakers, and a subwoofer deliver a maximum 40dB 36 watts of continuous average output, which should be more than ample for the average living room, rec room, or the like. And you won't have to get up every time you want to play, pause, or change the song, as Fluance supplies a multi-function remote.

The dock sports a 30-pin connector, meaning it'll work only with earlier-generation iPhones and iPods (of which there are some 80 gazillion out there). Thankfully, there's an auxiliary audio input (cable included), so you can pair it with just about any device that has a standard headphone jack. The FiTSD600 also doubles as an AM/FM radio.

I haven't had any ears-on-time with this tower, but I do own a bookshelf-size Fluance dock. Also made of wood, it feels far more solid than any other docks I've owned, and sounds terrific. If you want to learn more, there's a solitary but informative user review of the FiTSD600 on Amazon.

Bottom line: high-quality audio will cost you, but today it'll cost you $100 less. If you're not looking for a Bluetooth or AirPlay solution, this is one sweet speaker tower.

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