Get a Creative Vado 720p camcorder for $59.99

Shipping adds about six bucks, but it's still a killer deal. Plus, you get extra goodies like a carrying case and AC adapter. Sellout risk: huge!

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Rick Broida
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Put a high-def camcorder in your pocket for just 60 bucks.
Put a high-def camcorder in your pocket for just 60 bucks. Creative

The last time I wrote about the Creative Vado HD pocket camcorder, it sold out in what seemed like minutes. Let's try again, shall we?

Creative, by way of Amazon, is offering the Vado HD 8GB "B-Stock" pocket camcorder for $59.99. That's after applying coupon code BLVF5JPR at checkout, and not including around $6 for shipping.

Update: Sorry, folks. As I suspected, this sold out fast. Good deals always do.

In addition to the camcorder itself (which is the fire-engine red model), you get a carrying case and an AC adapter for easier on-the-go charging. (You know how it is: there's never a USB port around when you need one.)

As you may recall from previous posts, the Vado HD shoots 720p video and stores it in 8GB of onboard memory--enough for two hours of footage, or more if you lower the quality setting.

The camera sports a nice 2-inch LCD for previewing and reviewing your movies, but there's also an HDMI output for piping the video to your HDTV. HDMI cable: included!

Creative's built-in Vado Central software (available for both Windows and Mac) offers plug-and-play convenience; just pop out the built-in USB connector, plug it into your PC, then edit your videos and/or upload them to Box.net, Photobucket, or YouTube.

So what's the deal with "B-Stock"? It simply means the outer box may be "dented, torn, marked, or stickered." The Vado itself is brand new and covered by a full one-year warranty.

Let's just hope this doesn't sell out as quickly as it did last time.

Bonus deal: Speaking of cool gizmos, the Optoma Pico PK101 is a projector that literally fits in your pocket. TigerDirect has refurbished Pico PK101s for $119.99 shipped when you use coupon code XGX3217.