Get a $90 Mac app bundle for free

The only "price" is your e-mail address and a willingness to subscribe to a newsletter.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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These six Mac apps: free. Strings attached: none. What not to like: nothing.
These six Mac apps: free. Strings attached: none. What not to like: nothing. AppyFridays

There's no such thing as a free lunch, right? Actually, my favorite Chinese place gave me a punch card good for a free trip to the buffet after 10 punches, so there literally is such a thing as free lunch. (I know, you have to buy 10 not-free lunches first. Let's not ruin my analogy with semantics, shall we?)

There's also such a thing as free software -- if you know where to look. For a limited time, a site called AppyFridays is offering a free Mac software bundle. Combined value of the six included apps: $90.

All you do is enter your e-mail address to subscribe to the AppyFridays newsletter. Immediately thereafter I received an e-mail with download links and, where necessary, activation codes for the software. Make sure you take note of the message in that e-mail: "Grab your apps and activate them before the deal ends." (The deal ends one week from today: November 19.)

So, what does your e-mail address buy you? These guys:

  • Colorado Desktops: 290 scenic wallpapers from the incomparably gorgeous Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
  • Hider: True to its name, it hides important files for added security.
  • MacCleanse: Hard-drive optimization utility.
  • Musictube: Turns YouTube into an iTunes-style jukebox.
  • Picturesque: Liven up your photos by applying one of five visually arresting effects.
  • Tunes Cleaner: Cleans up, organizes, and repairs your iTunes music library.

So, yeah, nothing really earth-shattering, but a nice collection of apps all the same. Tunes Cleaner alone normally sells for $29.99. Also, if you're willing to clue in your friends about the deal (i.e., share it on Facebook and Twitter), you can score a seventh freebie: Photo Importer, a "small and user-friendly...Mac application which will automatically import photos from a selected folder."

What's not to like?