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Get a 50-inch plasma HDTV for $668 shipped

Ready to upgrade to a really big TV? The LG 50PK250 delivers 50 inches of plasma-powered goodness. It's new, not refurbished, and rebate-free.

It's rare to find a 50-inch TV for under $1,000, let alone for under $700!
It's rare to find a 50-inch TV for under $1,000, let alone for under $700!
Sixth Avenue Electronics

Not too long ago, a 50-inch TV would set you back a couple thousand bucks. Heck, even today you can easily drop $3,000-plus on a model of that size.

That's what makes this deal so tantalizing: Today only, Sixth Avenue Electronics has the LG Electronics 50PK250 50-inch plasma HDTV for $668.12 shipped. It's new, not refurbished, and that's your out-the-door price; no rebates required. To get this ridiculously low price, make sure you enter coupon code CABIN4.

The 50PK250 delivers full 1080p resolution, three HDMI inputs (two in back, one on the side), an ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner, and a whopping 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

I've never owned a plasma--always been more of an LCD man--but the ones I've seen have always exhibited eye-popping color. (If you have any thoughts on the LCD-versus-plasma debate, hit the comments and weigh in.)

Curiously, I haven't been able to find any reviews of the 50PK250--not on CNET, not on Amazon, not anywhere. I did find this short review from blogger Roman Hnatiuk, who says he's "very happy" with the TV, but that's about it. I'm hoping some Cheapskate readers will have some thoughts to share on this model.

If not, well, Sixth Avenue has a 30-day return policy--though you'll be hit with a 15-percent restocking fee (and have to cover return shipping, which can be pricey). Thus, much as I love the price on this baby, I'd try to do some extra homework before ordering.

Bonus deal: Amazon has the download version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PC) for just $13.39--the lowest price I've seen on this highly rated game. If only I had time to play the games I already own!