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Get a 4GB SDHC card for $7.99 shipped

Snap a lot more digital photos with this insanely cheap memory card. No rebates!


Need more storage for your digital camera? If you buy a memory card off the shelf at, say, Best Buy or Office Max, you'll pay way too much. Witness: Newegg has a Kingston 4GB SDHC card for just $7.99 shipped (lowest price I've seen yet, btw). And no rebates! Best Buy sells the exact same card for $37.99, plus sales tax.

Kingston is a well-known brand, and the card comes with a lifetime warranty. Just make sure your camera, PDA, MP3 player or whatever supports SDHC media (some older devices don't).

So... good weekend? My six-year-old played in his first peewee-football game, which was fun to watch. Oh, why the small talk? What more can I say about a memory card that's 30 bucks cheaper than you'd pay at retail?

Update: It appears the $7.99 price is good only when you combine the card with another purchase. My apologies! Looks like if you want the card on its own, it'll cost you another buck. Still not too shabby.